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7 AWS Certification Badges

Hello. Hej. Hola!

Behind every company there is a story. Here is ours.

How did it start?

The story began in 2020, when a recruiter reached out with an exciting opportunity to join a team at one of Finland's largest IT companies and strengthen their AWS skillset. As the years passed, it became increasingly clear that educating and promoting best practices in serverless development was crucial, as more and more corporations moved away from traditional server-based approaches.

Through working with international teams across the EU and UK, we have gained invaluable insights into the common challenges and mistakes that companies face when adopting serverless solutions. From those just starting out to those tackling complex problems, we are here to help guide and support organizations on their journey to success.

Igor Soroka running in a race

What do we do?

In 2023, Soroka Tech is a serverless agency of your choice, where certified and trusted professionals will dig deep into the code and build framework for improving the AWS setup, while coaching and educating your team about the everyday maintenance and monitoring capabilities.

Our mission is to show the better way to serverless, so that it is easy to understand, build, and ship to the world.

To stay sharp, we are serious about wellbeing - sport (long-distance running) in particular. Some of our hobbies include kombucha brewing, reading, and exploring diverse cultures.

Meet our team

You guessed it — behind the success of every small business there is a family.
Igor Soroka
Igor Soroka
AWS Expert, co-founder & CEO
Serverless consultant, cloud tech lead,
7 x AWS certified expert
Daria Soroka
Daria Soroka
Creative Director, co-founder
Design, marketing, and business development.
Cat Ossi
Ossi The Cat
Chief Cuteness Officer
Responsible for morale and inspiration.

Beautiful cloud projects that benefited from our expertise

"Igor has been instrumental in helping our team move to a cloud-native, event-driven architecture, leveraging AWS PaaS offerings such as Appsync, Lambda, SQS and DynamoDB in a cost-effective way."

Diede Ruelens
Manager IT Solution Architecture @ Johnson & Johnson